Excursion program in Ukraine From Derybasivska to Khreshchatyk

(Kyiv, Mezhyhirya, Uman, Bilgorod-Dnistrovsky, Odesa)

DURATION – 8 days

1 Day

«Sightseeing excursion in Kyiv»


Breakfast in the hotel.

Departure from the hotel.

Sightseeing of Kyiv attractions from water and land.

During an excursion in Kyiv you can see:

1.Andrew's Descent.

St. Andrew's Church.

2. Monument of Ukraine Independence.

Memorial dedicated to Ukraine Independence situated on Independence Square in the city Center.

3. Sophiivska square.

One of the central and ancient squares of Kiev. There are located Sophiivska bell tower and Bogdan Khmelnitsky monument.

4. Golden Gates.

One of the few Old Rus  defense architecture  monuments in the Yaroslav Mudrii reign period.

5. Taras Shevchenko National University of  Kyiv.

Leading and one of the largest Universities in Ukraine  (Kyiv), national science and culture centre, one of the oldest universities.

Lunch at the Ukrainian traditional restaurant.

In the second part of day you are welcome to water excursion on the Dnipro River.

During four hours you will enjoy a picturesque riverside and beautiful landscape of the left and right banks, and Podil ancient temples.

Dinner at the Ukrainian traditional restaurant.

Free time.


We are proposing a different pastime options in the evening: night clubs (with accompaniment, escort and security), evening excursions around Kyiv, shooting with firearms (shooting club «Sapsan») etc.

2 Day

Lavra + National Museum of the History of Ukraine in the Second World War

+ «Mezhyhirya» residence

Breakfast at the hotel.

Sightseeing excursion in Kyiv.

1. Kyiv-Pechersk Lavrais the oldest and one of the main Orthodox shrines, a unique monastery complex, that have no analogues in the world. It was a first monastery on Kyivan Rus territory, the temples erected in the 11th century saved almost in original form.

2. Memorial Complex “National Museum of the History of Ukraine in the Second World War”.

3. Motherland.

“Motherland” Monument-sculpture is standing on a Dnipro high right bank in Kyiv. This is the largest museum, dedicated to the History of Ukraine in the Second World War. The complex occupies more than 10 hectares area. It includes: museum, “Motherland” monument, Collection of different military units.

Lunch at the Ukrainian restaurant «Tsarske Selo».

Transfer to a residence of Ukrainian ex-President V.F. Yanykovych, “Mezhyhirya” residence.

Recently “Mezhyhirya” residence became a wonderful place for excursions, walks and recreation with a family.

On the park territory you will see: Club house «Honka», greek Columns, Botanical Garden, Cascade of ponds on a different levels and bridges across it, mountain alleys with park sculptures and rotundas, tea house with  a bath and a vat on fire, unique golf square and tennis courts, zoo with exotic animals  and  hunting grounds, a luxurious landing stage "Galeon", that located  in the "Mezhyhirya"lower part, on the  Kiev Sea shore.

We will arrive to Kyiv after an interesting excursion.

Dinner at the Chinese restaurant.

We are proposing a different pastime options in the evening (see above).


Day 3

«Kyivan Rus park»

Breakfast at the hotel.

Moving from a hotel.

Whole day excursion to theAncient Rus history and cultural center.

This is the reconstruction of Detinets cultural and architectural image of V-XIII centuries Kyiv in its historical size!

You can find the following entertainment and master – classes here:

- Medieval Artillery (Siege shooting);

- Archery shooting;

- Throwing shooting (axes, spears, promises)

- Possession of medieval weapons master class;

- Medieval shooting;

- Sport sword;

- Greasepaint or henna face and body painting;

- Reincarnation into the Kievan Rus citizen;

- Slavonic calligraphy master class;

- Fortune-telling on the runes;

- Pottery;

- Princely mint;

- Blacksmith master class.

Lunch at the Kyivan Rus Inn “The Princely Feast” – different dishes cooked according to the ancient recipes of princes' cooks.

Also you can order additional services:

- Horse riding training;

- Horse riding;

- Medieval Safari.

Exclusive services:

- Hot air balloon flight over Ancient Kyiv - is an unforgettable impression for extreme lovers.

 - Shooting from medieval siege – Ancient Kyiv gives you an opportunity not only to know about instrument history, but also see it. With the help of professional Ancient Kyiv instructors put into action a formidable weapon.

- Carriages and crews collections –the unique collection of carriages, phaetons, and chariots collected in Ancient Kyiv. You can order them for walks, photo sessions and other events.

Day 4


Breakfast at the hotel.


Transfer to Odesa.

On the way to Odesa we will visit Uman. You can enjoy the beauty and magic of National Dendrology Park «Sofiyivka».

Lunch at the Uman restaurant.

We will arrive to Odesa at the evening.


Dinner at the Ukrainian restaurant.

 Free time.


Day 5


Meeting with the company’s representative at the railway station, transfer to the hotel, check-in


Breakfast at the hotel.

Meeting with the guide.

Sightseeing and walking tour around Odesa.

 City with a great historical heritage, heat by the warm southern sun and permeated with fresh sea winds. Just three magic hours you will see Arcadia and the French Boulevard; Champagne Wine Factory; Odesa film studio and other places where your favorite films were shot; Taras Shevchenko Park and all known Glory Alley.

 Next 1, 5 hours we will spend it in the Odesa center, where all the main city attractions are concentrated. We will finish our acquaintance with Odesa in the Opera House excursion.

Lunch at the Odesa central street - Derybasivska – Ukrainian cuisine.

And after dinner we invite you to visit the hand-made market On Cathedral Square. You can dress up Embroidery – one of Ukrainian symbol, you can buy an amber bracelets, visit a gold ornaments shop and stores of the brand clothes.

Free time.

Dinner at the Chinese restaurant.

We are proposing a different pastime options in the evening : night clubs (with accompaniment, escort and security), evening excursions around Odesa, etc.

Day 6


Breakfast at the hotel.

Transfer to Belgorod-Dnistrovsk fortress.

Ukrainian town of Belgorod-Dnistrovskyi (Akkerman) is one of ten oldest cities in the world. It became especially famous thanks to the ancient fortress, one of the most interesting and outstanding Middle Ages defense architecture monuments. Akkerman fortress is medieval fortress on the Dniester Estuary banks. It’s one of the largest and best preserved in Ukraine (historical-architecture monument of XIII-XV c.).

Moving to the Shabski Vineyards

Shabo is a pearl of winemaking; grapes are grown here from II c.

Excursion to «Shabo vine culture center» includes such attractions:

• The ancient "Royal Cellar" created more than 200 years ago by French-Swiss immigrants.

• Ancient sherry cellar, here in the oak barrels "grows up" a unique wine - dry sherry.

• The Majestic Cognac Yard with oak barrels for aging noble cognac spirits.

• Unique Champagne House for Production of high-quality champagne by the classical method.

• An unusual museum labyrinth with its ancient myths about wine.

Tasting is held in the original decorated tasting room. To drinks you will be recommended and will be served traditional snacks for tasting: crackers, walnuts, black chocolate.

Complex lunch at the "Shabo yard"

Return to Odesa

Free time


We are proposing a different pastime options in the evening : night clubs(with accompaniment, escort and security), evening excursions around Odesa, etc.

Day 7


Breakfast at the hotel.


We are proposing a different pastime options:

- Excursion « Odesa courtyards of Moldavanka ».Moldavanka is one of the most oldest and legendary areas of Odesa.

Next excursion leads to exciting adventures deep to Odesa, to Odesa catacombs (a system of underground passages and labyrinths under Odesa)

Lunch at the restaurant «CATACOMBS» with ordering meal from the menu.

Transfer to Kyiv.

Departure to Kyiv.



Day 8


Breakfast at the hotel.


Departure to the airport.

Cost for 1 person in 1/DBL

Number of people in a group

from 1 t 3

from 4 t 9

from 10 t 20

from 21 t 35


825 cu

663 cu

556 cu


Tour Price includes:

  • Accomodation at the hotels  Reykarts Yamskaya (yiv), «California» 4*(dessa);
  • Food in the best restaurants in Ukraine (11 restaurants)(full board);
  • Transport service during whole itinerary;
  • Accompanying guide in English or Chinese language;
  • Entrance tickets to museums and exhibitions under the program;
  • Health insurance.


Additional payments:

  • Tourist visa to Ukraine (Preparation of all documents, Filling in the application form);
  • Express passage of passport control at the airport (on arrival and departure);
  • Optional excursions (;
  • Exclusive entertainment options in Ukraine;
  • An additional night in the Kyiv or Odesa hotels;
  • Hot air balloon flight.

Excursion program in Ukraine From Derybasivska to Khreshchatyk