Issuance aper train tickets for or a trip to urope

European Railways

KIY AVIA is pleased to offer to its customers: now we issue paper train tickets for travel Europe with European Railways.

If you like to visit different cities in Europe, do not limit yourself to one location and want to see more traveling by road, please contact us immediately: KIY AVIA will be happy to help you find a comfortable itinerary that meets your needs for comfort, price and time.

When buying your paper tickets offered by KIY AVIA for traveling with European Railways you get:

  • Full online access to the seats available in the trains operated by European carriers, including the key destinations in Eastern and Western Europe;
  • Opportunity to book and pay for tickets in your local currency;
  • Opportunity to receive your paper ticket in the original form immediately after the payment without spending extra money on its delivery;
  • Cost savings, more flexible construction of the itinerary;
  • Professional advice on the fare rules, the return/refund policy, luggage carriage, etc.;
  • Direct access to the reservations of European carriers from such key countries, as: Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Switzerland and others;
  • Railway transportation service between the major European cities: Amsterdam, Berlin, Barcelona, Bern, Budapest, Prague, Geneva, Helsinki, Lisbon, Nice, Brussels, Vienna and others.


In addition, KIY AVIA offers you to buy the high-speed train tickets (trains’ average speed is 300 km/h.), connecting the major cities of Europe and operated by such carriage, as: EUROSTAR, TGV, Thalys, TGV Lyria, Artesia, ELIPSOS and others.

As a rule, train stations are available in airports or city center. Planning your route as travel by plane/train will allow you to organize the most trouble-free journey at an affordable price and at a convenient time.

Issuance aper train tickets for or a trip to urope