Ukraner is a young ambitious project. Its main purpose is to form a new positive attitude to domestic tourism, to promote Ukraine as an interesting and many-sided tourist destination.

This summer Ukraner’s team started an expedition designed for one and a half years. During this time, it is planned to cover all historical lands of Ukraine - from Slobozhanshchina to Podillya, from Volyn to Tavria. Unique information will be collected during the expedition, and in the future it will be the foundation of the modern guide to Ukraine. Ukraner will be looking for the unknown or undeservedly forgotten places, meet amazing people, who will share their knowledge of their native lands, collect ancient legends from all over Ukraine.

"KIY AVIA" actively supports the development of domestic tourism and offers a range of tours around Ukraine, and with the help of our partners from Ukraner we will create new directions for travelling.

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