Lake Camp

Summer is the time of vacations, surprises and unusual adventures. A great place for an interesting and exciting holiday is, of course, the Lake camp. This fabulous corner, which is famous for its picturesque nature, its traditions, adult care and fun adventures, will meet all the participants of the shift cordially and will fill their hearts with joy, bright impressions and positive emotions.


Summer vacation in Carpathians is a great offer for people who like different activities. The main advantage of Forest Camp is a specially developed vacation program which improves childrens creative and sport talents, sense of responsibility, leadership, self-reliance and organized nature.


Mountain Camp is unique opportunity to improve your childs English language during summer holidays. At Mountain Camp children study and improve their language during vacation and communication with youth leaders, native speakers from USA, Great Britain and their age mates.

Kyiv: safe and cozy

Kiev is an absolutely safe tourist destination that will surprise you with its prices, people, cuisine, culture and architecture, and leave an unforgettable impression.

Excursion program in Ukraine From Derybasivska to Khreshchatyk

Welcome to an exciting tour around Ukraine. We will travel from the center of country to its south and show you the most colorful places!

Tour Chornobyl

An introductory tour to the place of the biggest man- made disaster in the history of mankind.

Tour Robert Doms Brewery

Do you know the taste of Lviv? Taste it with us in the degustation tour for 3 days!

Pearls of Ukraine

We invite you to visit the unique corners of our country. Discover Ukraine with us!

Tour Historical heart of Ukraine

We invite you to spend 5 unforgettable days in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. You'll fall in love with Kyiv and return here again and again.

Relax tour From plains to the top of Ukraine

In this journey through western Ukraine you can enjoy quiet walks and tickle the nerves in extreme entertainment. Be sure - it will not be boring!


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