VIP Lounge of SE Zaporizhia International Airport

Passenger VIP Services include:

  • Staying in the lounge  
  • Air tickets booking and purchasing
  • Availability of an office automation equipment and means of communication (except for intercity and international communication)
  • Drinks serving from the approved range (tea, coffee, alcohol drinks)
  • Porter services
  • Passengers, their luggage and hand baggage transporting to and from an aircraft by a special motor transport  
  • Taxi calling service
  • Café waiter calling service.


The following services are available at extra cost:

  • Use of international and intercity communication
  • Extra drinks
  • Possibility of food and drinks ordering and delivery from café
  • Allowing the people who are meeting and/or seeing the passengers off to an aircraft
  • Accommodation at Airport Hotel room.

VIP Lounge of SE Zaporizhia International Airport