If air passenger service is interrupted for any reasons beyond the servicing party, and if the customer has not cancelled the order timely (at least one hour before the scheduled arrival of the flight) him/her shall be charged 50% of total cost of VIP services package.

VIP service in Airport Borispol includes the following:

  • Meeting the air passenger (groups of air passengers) or boarding by experts competent in organization of air transportation service with knowledge of foreign language;
  • Transportation of passengers by special transport from/to the airplane;
  • Carrying, unloading and loading of luggage and hand luggage from/to the passenger's transport;
  • Passing the passport and customs control via specially equipped points of terminal "C", check in of air tickets and luggage;
  • Placement of pre-declared motor vehicle of the customer at the time of meeting/seeing off the passengers at the near-station area of terminal "C";
  • Service of air passengers in bar of terminal "C"
  • Providing separate premises to wait for the flight;
  • Rendering of city connection, fax, and photocopier services;
  • Children aged under 12 years traveling accompanied by their parents, shall be served free of charge (except for the bar services);
  • Groups of 10 to 20 adults air passengers are subject to 10% discount, groups of over 20 and more than 40 individuals enjoy 20% and 30% discounts, respectively;
  • Air passengers served during the day with return to the point of departure (if on round trip) and the discount is not granted;


Additional services:

  • Providing the equipped premises for holding press conferences, meetings, negotiations, etc.;


Requests are taken as follows:

  • Not later than one hour prior to arrival of flight;
  • Not later than three hours before departure of the flight;
  • Request of delegation service should be received not later than a day before the day of commencement of the service, with written notice.


For passengers who arrived later than 1 hour 20 minutes compared to the time indicated in the air ticket, are not guaranteed flight departure services in terminal "C".